Production of agricultural machinery

We are a company engaged in the production of agricultural machinery. We are also the representative for Slovenia of the company Fliegl. We are responsible for the sale of all agricultural machinery, the utility program, the sale and production of construction trailers, truck trailers and other small agricultural attachments.

More than 98% of our production is intended for foreign markets, and the remaining 2% cover the domestic market. Our production increases from year to year with new products and innovations.

Some of our products:

  • Slurry mixer
  • Spreading of electric silage in trough silos
  • Hay bale transfer pliers
  • Tractor trailer with thrust bottom
  • Tractor tipper trailers
  • Concrete mixer, feed
  • Slurry tankers

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The Satler family

The Satler family’s business journey began as far back as 1963. Father Mirko Satler founded the Locksmith Mirko Satler this year, which produced fans for harvesting hay and winches for agriculture. From a modest craft activity, a successful and reputable company soon grew, constantly adapting to the needs of the market. Over the years, the original activities have been joined by the processing of plastics, spray nozzles for air conditioners, plastic models for grinders…

Both sons also embarked on an entrepreneurial path. Son Bojan started building his independent entrepreneurial path in 1988 as a co-owner of a family business and in 1992 he continued it as an independent entrepreneur. Today, the company SATLER BOJAN, sp employs 40 workers. The main activity is the production of agricultural machinery. Most products are intended for export to foreign markets. The company is improving and upgrading from year to year.

In 1993, his son Valter’s path led to the decision to start an independent branch of a new production program – the production of PVC joinery, today known as Satler okna in vrata doo Both companies operate with excellent results.

Quality, professionalism and quality workmanship

We are distinguished by our professionalism and tendency to always be focused on the development of new products and improvements that are not yet on the market. The advantage of our company is that we have available spare parts for all products in approx. 24 hours. In our company we are aware of the importance of quality, professionalism and quality of production of finished products according to the consumer’s wishes. The company has its own development department in charge of researching market needs and launching innovations. Our team includes highly trained and dedicated professionals. We are proud to constantly improve and professionally upgrade our products.

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