Distribution traction pipes Fliegl Garant

  • Possibility of installation on all types of tanks, even older ones
  • The system is available from 6 but everything up to 27m working width
  • Only needed one hydraulic outlet on a tractor
  • Extremely easy to drive as it only needs to 20l / min oil flow , so the system also works with smaller tractors on smaller tanks
  • Due to the unique patented screw system, the weight of the entire pipe system is much lower, so it is also very suitable for varied and hilly terrain.
  • Short path of the slurry to the ground as the pipes are short due to the screw system so the slurry does not travel long and is immediately in the ground. Therefore, the distribution of manure is more even even on varied terrains.
  • Screw system and housing made of stainless steel, or. stainless materials after domestic rostfreia, which significantly extends the service life.
  • The auger system and housing are always full of manure so that the auger floats nicely and does not clog
  • The auger is connected to the time relay so that every few minutes it briefly turns back or. in the opposite direction and thus prevents any pipe from clogging.
  • The auger system also lightly cuts the manure
  • All pieces that are larger than the hole under the snail go to the end of the snail where the storage for aliens. This hopper is opened manually if necessary and the foreign bodies fall out and close back, so the foreign bodies can be easily removed.
  • The pipes may be in the distance 30 or 25cm , here you would recommended a distance of 25cm , so that the manure is better distributed and evenly absorbed into the soil.
  • The pipes close upwards when closing, so that we do not have unnecessary impurities on public paths and roads
  • The pipe system is attached to the side of the tank, which increases the service life of the frame.
  • Hot-dip galvanized housing for all models


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